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Working on Cloud Expertise

Cloud computing has gained immense traction in the recent past. Delivering technology services and infrastructures over the web has helped firms achieve cost-efficiency, global reach, greater security, enhanced performance, higher speed, better productivity, and reliability. While these were some of the prime benefits, cloud computing has many other advantages too.

However, every technological elevation comes with its own share of issues and complexities. Cloud technology is no different. In the succeeding paragraphs, you will be enlightened on some of the inherent challenges in cloud computing.

Cloud computing challenges


  • The prime challenge of cloud computing is data security. Cloud services are highly susceptible to malicious activity like hacking, phishing etc. They are very vulnerable to virus attacks as well.
  • Complete governance over cloud-based IT services is impossible. This leads to issues pertaining to regulatory compliance, tech governance, data quality, and risk management for a firm.
  • Deploying cloud-based service has many hidden costs. Thus, sometimes firms end up overspending or underspending. This further leads to lack of concrete or desired results from adoption of cloud technology. Hence, a lot of time and money is lost in the process. In short, cost-efficiency becomes a far-fetched idea.
  • Nowadays, growing complexities of doing business, compel firms to work on multiple clouds rather than a single one. Managing multi-cloud environments is burdensome both in terms of time and costs.
  • Most organizations face cloud migration and integration issues. Successful integration of new cloud-based apps with firms’ legacy systems requires expertise, resources, money, and time. Even though tech professionals these days are more than willing to gain expertise in cloud technologies, firms often find it difficult to develop the right training programs for their tech staff.


working on cloud expertise-tdtl

Most of the challenges listed above cannot be eliminated 100%. But, they can be minimized to a great extent by tech augmentation. This involves skilling, re-skilling, upskilling, and multi-skilling your employees in cloud computing and related emerging technologies.

TDTL’s solutions for cloud trainings

TDTL offers training programs in myriad emerging technologies like cloud computing, AI, ML, RPA, data analytics, UX designing, design thinking, blockchain, virtual reality, and quantum computing.

We offer cloud computing certification programs from Microsoft, CompTIA, and Salesforce. Our Redhat cloud training programs equip you with developing cloud strategies using the LINUX operating system. We offer you many courses to design, develop, manage, administer cloud infrastructure and technology solutions on Google cloud platform and Amazon Web services.

Our training execution approach begins with the assessment of existing skills of an individual. This helps us identify the skill gaps in each individual. Accordingly, we design and impart personalized learning programs for each participant. Customization is our key.

Moreover, we promise an amazing learning experience for individuals in the form of live sessions, hands-on training, case-study approach, 24X7X365 trainer support, lifetime access to course materials, comprehensive question banks, and quizzes. Each participant will get a course completion certificate and is prepared for various branded industry-recognized tech certifications. We have an international presence and we’re soon going to penetrate the Middle East market as well.

So, firms and individuals can connect with us right away! We are ever-read to serve you with individualized, globally accredited, and high quality tech courses!

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