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Transport & Mobility

The future of mobility promises seamless, automated, personalised travel on demand. Various companies and firms operating under the automotive ecosystem are combining to realise that dream sooner than expected. This means that the incumbents and newcomers looking to enter the automotive industry need to move at top speed.

We at The DataTech Labs Inc have witnessed a rapid progress toward a new paradigm for moving people and goods. We help you quickly evolve with emerging technologies, new business models, for a future of mobility that is more sustainable, equitable, efficient, and convenient.

We help you breakthrough the entire way people would travel from point A to point B by creating a new ecosystem of personal mobility. It is mandatory to make such a shift for automakers as well as transport companies prevailing in insurance and health care to energy and media to create value in the emerging environment.

Our Technology Offerings

Advanced Big Data Analytics is an Essential Ally

Big Data is considered as a new pledge for the transportation industry to effectively manage all data this sector required for providing safer, cleaner and more efficient transport means, as well as for users to personalize their transport experience. Are you looking to stand out in a highly complex and competitive market? Mobility Data, Big Data, Advanced Analytics is an essential ally if you need to make more decisive action to foster sustainable mobility.

Internet of Things for Smart Transport

IoT is transforming the mobility economy, enabling new efficiencies and empowering city governments, transport operators and commuters. Currently IoT devices are deployed in traffic congestion control systems, in telematics systems within motor vehicles, in reservation and booking systems used by transport operators, in security and surveillance systems, and in remote vehicle monitoring systems. Are you also looking to implement IoT devices to empower your transport business?

Augmented Reality in Transportation

Augmented Reality in Transport and Logistics is about to revamp the infrastructure via easing the overall process. From highly innovative warehousing management systems to safe transporting to effective supply chain management, everything becomes easy to optimize. Now, Logistics has ditched the old age manual operations and is stepping into augmented reality-based operations. The DataTech Labs Inc help you transform with our Augmented Reality backed solutions for more accurate and safe transport.

Smarter Mobility as a Service

Mobility as a Service (MaaS) is a broad range of ideas that aim to make transportation, be it public or private more simple, efficient, and convenient via end-to-end digital solutions. Mobility as a Service solutions integrate all stages of the commuter’s journey—trip planning, booking, e-tickets, payment transactions—and wrap them up into one, user-friendly application. But with growing congestion along with innovative transport options, how can you use mobility as a service for a seamless and on demand transportation possibilities.

Innovate with Digital Twins in Transport

As per technology experts, a digital twin captures a virtual model of an organization and helps accelerate strategy. The model can identify elements that are hindering or enabling strategy execution and suggests specific recommendations based on embedded pattern recognition. We at the DataTech Labs Inc help you implement Digital Twin technology to drive better design, higher operational efficiency and reduce implementation risks, to make your business more profitable.

Increase Efficiency with Cloud Computing

The cloud is no longer the future of IT — it's now the present state. We have already seen the cloud having a transformational effect on both businesses and individuals all over the world. But how can transport companies leverage cloud platforms to analyse shared data, find new business opportunities to monetise smart mobility services? With the DataTech Labs Inc cloud computing services you increase efficiency as well as bring significant value to your business.
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