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The Telecom, Media and Communication industry seems to be more promising as new-age technologies, new ecosystems and advanced use cases are coming to the fore. We see 5G finally moving from hype to reality with leading telcos rolling out the first commercial 5G networks. Now, 2020 is expected to see a further boost to the fifth generation of networks with companies across industries set to benefit from the higher speeds, lower latency and better connectivity on offer.

We at The DataTech Labs Inc help the Telcos to accelerate the race to develop value while continuing to reduce costs in connectivity and differentiate with ultra fast networks. We help you meet an increasing competitive pressure on core business while finding blue ocean growth strategies to sustain in the market. Working in collaboration with us, you will be well positioned to offer improved capabilities and create new business opportunities.

Our Technology Offerings

Artificial Intelligence & Machine learning

As artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning become ubiquitous, we will soon be hard-pressed to find any industry not capitalizing on the benefits they can provide. Telecommunications is one of the fastest-growing industries as well as one that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning in many aspects of their business. Take a look at how AI can open a new world of devices for you that will talk intuitively with each other to perform specialised end-to-end functions.

Industrial IoT Solutions for Telecom, Media and Communications

The telecom sector is bracing itself for a phenomenal increase in data traffic across networks. Not only through the data generated/consumed by people but also by devices interacting with each other. Adoption of the Internet of Things (IoT) and allied technology is all set to grow manifold. Telecom operators need to revisit their existing infrastructure, business models and partnerships to serve this surge in connected devices and capitalize on this opportunity. In this context, how should you move beyond typical use cases and leverage newer applications based around edge computing and IoT implementation?

Big Data Analytics for Organizational Agility

The rapid rise in the use of smartphones and other connected mobile devices has triggered a spurt in the volume of data flowing through the networks of telecom operators. It is necessary that the operators process, store, and extract insights from the available data. Big Data analytics can help them increase profitability by optimizing network usage and services, enhance customer experience, and improve security. Take a look at how DataTech Labs Inc helps you improve customer experiences, forecast network capacity and reduce customer churn through big data analytics.

Automate Business Processes with RPA

As the Telecom sector keeps growing continuously and the promise to deliver 5G network will be a major transformation. Hence, robust network and continuity in services are crucial and important for them. To achieve such high-ended goals in the Telecom industry, they are moving towards RPA to reduce cost, boost customer services, drive operational efficiency and improve data quality. Talk to us today to know how our RPA solutions give high flexibility and agility necessary for the Telecom industry to raise and face challenges coming in its path while moving.

Rejuvenate Business by Embracing Cloud Computing

Cloud computing offers an amazing array of advantages to almost all sectors that leverage IT technologies. Telecom sector is no exception to this since it has been leveraging cloud based solutions for dynamic scalability, real-time resource provisioning, backed by its utility based payment model for excellent cost effectiveness. Are you looking for cloud hosting services and holistic support for your business needs? Get in touch with our team to know more.

Protect with Cybersecurity & Resilience

With telecom companies having large customer bases, there are abundant opportunities for malicious actors to gain unauthorized access to their data. Mobile devices, for instance, provide a huge area of vulnerability, as do home routers and unsecure mobile apps. Effective security can be maintained by keeping pace with the technological advancements in the world of data security, and by adhering to the rapidly evolving compliance landscape. Are you looking to adopt a holistic approach to cyber security and mitigate the threats posed by the security vulnerabilities?

Speed up with Next-Gen Mobile Networks

In an era of ubiquitous connected devices and high-definition streaming video, everyone wants more bandwidth. To date, from individual connected devices to entire connected production systems, consumers and corporations alike have commonly depended on carriers. Wireless capacity has long evolved and increased alongside applications from 1G to 5G, but the explosion of new uses can offer a real challenge. How can carriers keep up with demand? Telecom executives may wonder what’s next—and indeed, what’s next could well provide solutions to bandwidth issues.

Network Function Virtualization

With Network Function Virtualization (NFV), service providers can run network functions on standard hardware instead of dedicated hardware. Also, because network functions are virtualized, multiple functions can be run on a single server. This means that less physical hardware is needed, which allows for resource consolidation that results in physical space, power, and overall cost reductions. Take a step forward to leverage Network Function Virtualization to create a more agile and low cost network infrastructure.
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