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Solving Macro Tech Issues With Daily Issues

The past decade has witnessed unprecedented growth in macro tech forces. These forces encompass digital technology, analytics, virtual reality, blockchain, cloud technologies, artificial intelligence, business intelligence, machine learning, etc. Organizations, these days, are continually striving to achieve tech elevation and primacy by tapping the macro tech forces.

In this era of digital transformation, emerging technologies play a prominent role. The more expertise a firm has in cutting-edge technologies, the higher is its growth rate and sustainability. It will enhance the customer experience too. In short, a firm that is an all-rounder in emerging technologies gets a competitive edge in the market.

However, it is not easy for a firm to become a tech all-rounder unless its workforce is augmented with the necessary skill sets. Moreover, digital transformations cannot be seamless without customization. Thus, tailor-made technology solutions and learning paths are necessary for seamless tech transformations.

Grooming employees to gain all-round expertise

The success of a firm is assured when it has abundant expertise in all the requisite software, latest technologies, different customer data platforms, and varied enterprise systems. As mentioned earlier, all-round expertise can be achieved by continually multi-skilling, re-skilling, and upskilling employees.

However, designing the right training programs is not easy. A company’s workforce is a mix of individuals belonging to different generations, nationalities, cultures, speaking different languages, and having varying learning curves. Thus, standardized training methodologies may not work. Customization is the key.

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Macro tech issues can be resolved if digital transformation first happens at the individual level. Thus, each individual’s strengths and weaknesses must be assessed first to derive his/her learning graph. Accordingly, a personalized training program must be developed for each individual to bridge the skill-gaps.

Ideally, pre-assessment of employees must be followed by common training programs to bring all employees on a level-playing field. Thereafter, customized training must be imparted to close the skill gaps. A structured learning and development program ensures daily and operational tech issues are resolved. Consequently, tech bottlenecks occurring at the macro level will eventually get resolved.

Employees must be specifically groomed in macro tech forces which are nothing but the emerging and disruptive technologies gaining traction in current times. Besides, training in handling varied customer data platforms and enterprise systems improves employee productivity and customer satisfaction. Eventually, a firm can scale up faster and sustain in the long-run.

Decision time

Digital transformation at the macro level can happen only after it happens at the micro level. Thus, we at TDTL, offer a wide range of personalized training programs and technology solutions to drive individual and enterprise level digital transformations.

We offer many globally accredited, industry-recognized certification courses from top tech brands like Microsoft, Redhat, CompTIA, Amazon web services, Salesforce, and Google. Our emerging tech courses focus on data engineering & analytics, RPA, AI, ML, design thinking, IoT, UX designing, blockchain, quantum computing, cloud computing, and augmented reality. In addition, we offer many behavioral and soft-skills training programs too.

Case study approach, live sessions, 24X7X365 trainer support, meticulously designed engaging content by subject matter experts, global reach, exclusive lifetime access to course materials, robust post-training support, comprehensive question banks, etc are our unique features.

So, interested in learning new technologies? Want to augment the tech skills of your staff?

We’re ready to lead you into the future of digital possibilities!

We can become your expert technology and training consultant to help you implement solutions derived from accurate data. Our broad range of technical expertise and vendor partnerships, also allow us to deliver technology solutions that support a digital business transformation framework.

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