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With an unprecedented increase in the internet and technology has enabled Retail practices to completely revamp and revolutionize over the past couple of years. Retailers are trying to catch up with the changes in shoppers and their new shopping journeys and buying trends. The industry is experiencing an advanced technological shift pushing brands to utilize artificial intelligence-based (AI) software and tools to maintain their solid standing in today’s dynamic retail market structure.

We at The DataTech Labs Inc help you evolve with these emerging technologies and enable you to look at the retail industry from different angles. Our tech-focused retail solutions allow your customers to interact with their favorite brands on mobile and web devices giving them a completely new shopping experience. Additionally by leveraging data analytics tools you can customize your products to the very last detail for each and every buyer.

Our Technology Offerings

IoT and Smart Equipments in Retail

The Internet of Things is a very important phenomenon for Industry 4.0. The Internet of Things makes life easier for people. Today we see the effect of the Internet of Things in many systems. The world industry has started to move within the framework of the 4.0 revolution. Especially under retail IoT and Smart Equipments are being used extensively to improve customer experience. The DataTech Labs Inc leverages IoT in a way that you can benefit from digital connectivity, data collection, smart stores in order to retain business and increase revenues.

Market Products with Augmented/Virtual

The Augmented Reality market has grown so colossal that predictions estimate its value to reach $61.4 billion by 2023. In retail, approximately 32% of shoppers are regular users of AR and most of them are happy with the experience. With such Augmented Reality retail statistics prove how the market has accepted the technology and is exponentially growing. We at DataTech Labs Inc help you utilize Augmented/Virtual Reality capabilities for your customers to make the correct buying decision and offer high levels of satisfaction.

Apply Artificial Intelligence Solutions

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning-based solutions can help your retail business grow, stay relevant and surpass your competitors in the market. Automated processes, better insights for your business, and stronger relationships with customers will result in increased revenue. Are you also looking to apply AI in your retail business? The DataTech Labs Inc can help you leverage AI/ML capabilities across the entire product life cycle from Sales and CRM applications, in-store applications, customer recommendation, manufacturing, logistics, delivery and payments.

Perform Retail Analytics Strategy

Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics could be used among various retail products and locations. Information could be extracted from a gigantic supply chain datasets to add to the retail decision-making process. It is a proactive approach, whereby retailers can use data from the past to predict expected sales growth, due to change in consumer behaviours and/or market trends. We help you harness retail analytics strategy to create better snapshots of your target demographics and identify customers across diverse categories.

Developing Mobile Applications for Retail

It’s been evident for several years that everything goes mobile. And this notion applies to retailers more than for anybody else. The mobile revolution has changed the way retailers can interact with their customers. Moreover, it has impacted and changed customers’ buying habits. Hence, if you are into retail and still do not have your mobile application live, then you are missing out on a very important consumer touch point. We at the DataTech Labs Inc develop mobile applications for your retail business to engage your shopper on a one on one basis giving them a personalized experience.

Customer Chatbots are in Vogue

The one thing that makes a customer come back to an app or a website is superior service and finding products suited for their needs. In order to stay ahead of the competition, it has become imperative that retailers are actively engaging customers 24/7. Chatbots enable retail businesses to provide superior customer service by driving customer engagement 24/7 without requiring human intervention. We help you implement conversational chatbots in your retail business to provide cohesive and consistent customer communication experience.

Product Recommendation Engines

Product recommendation engines, often referred to as predictive offers or next best offers, are a method of providing personalized service to every single client. An effective product recommendation engine gives marketers the power to analyze customer data, and then use the results of that analysis to create accurate individualized client profiles. We support you with the right product recommendation tool to use client behavior and optimize their own customer service efforts, while also increasing the potential ROI of their marketing efforts.

Robotic Store Assistants Revolutionize Shopping

With increasing competition and price war in e-commerce, retail businesses are focusing more on improving customer experience, cost reduction, product availability and employee productivity. Considering the pressure to provide experience and quality product, the scope of human error also increases. To achieve efficient and error-free operations, the retail industry integrates new-age technologies like Robotic Process Automation. The DataTech Labs Inc help you implement human-like robots into retail spaces to enhance efficiency, workflow, productivity and create experiential purchase journeys.
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