Rejuvenate Business By Embracing Cloud Computing

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Rejuvenate Business By Embracing Cloud Computing

Distance brings fondness. Distance also brings perspective. And distance and all the advantages that come with it come to an enterprise that rises all the way to the cloud.

Computing isn’t a novelty any more than growth itself is. It came and with it came brevity, clarity, and speed, all essentials to growth. As with things hunky-dory, here too the cracks in the wall of lack of certain aspects started to appear though after a reasonable while. What started as the Legacy System’s inability to give accesses beyond a certain geographical location which in most cases of an office complex or a plant started to show a lot more chinks in its armor with time. In time, the need was felt for a system that could address all the issues that a legacy brings with it, including those below. The answer came in the form of remote-accesses, shared systems, known in IT parlance as “Cloud Computing”!

On how it rejuvenates business, please read on!

1. Accesses where-ever the user deems it

Enterprise gets rejuvenated when it gets the right information at the right time, and of course in the right format. All this isn’t a possibility with dated legacy systems stuck as they are with older systems and programs. You could bend backward to get them up-to-date but there are things and areas in software which, and more so with time, should never be tinkered with. And in not having the ability to tinker, enterprise suffers. Equally important to an enterprise of the 21st century is easy to access to systems across the globe, something a stand-along legacy system can never, ever provide. The answer is to move things where possible at the earliest to cloud computing which has all the answers to questions posed by older systems.

2. Data security with the best encoding system

That, which cannot be fixed, leaks like there’s no tomorrow, despite the best patches and plugs. This is very much the case with enterprise software. Older software in stand-alone mode despite the best of the patch just cannot match the latest in terms of core systems and architecture. And we aren’t even talking about upgrading and providing the latest anti-virus packages. Data being more worthy than gold and platinum, the gates for safe-keeping ought to be built strong and sealed well, which invariably get affected with age. Legacy thus isn’t a match when compared to the nimble cloud.


3. Updated software all the while

Any system which is shared by more than one entity has commercial experience at the back of its mind. It simply cannot falter and expect clients to stay back. On the other hand, a stand-along enterprise-owned system appears like the son-in-law who cares two hoots about the output and will do as it pleases, mostly to the enterprise’s peril. For this reason, to ensure its own survival and growth across time, cloud computing will win hands down.

4. Revenue expenditure which everyone can afford

The “as a service” idea has brought the idea of capital expenditure to its knees and with that given breathing space to so many, many enterprises that it’s a surprise why no-one thought of it way back! SAAS, HAAS, IAAS and so on are ideas which can take place only in a cloud computing setting and never in a stand-alone format where everything converts into CAPEX, a pain for most enterprise, more so the smaller one.

5. Staggered approach to business

Continuing from the above, the cloud has rejuvenated many businesses by its novel approach towards staggering services which is the absolute opposite of the “one-size-fits-all” approach. With a menu-list of services, users can pick what they want instead of being served the standard costly service. Big businesses have radically different needs as compared to small ones and not all should be saddled with a single charge and a single list of services. It would be sheer dis-service to the entire industrial scenario. Catching up on the same, software companies have cashed in and introduced not just SAAS but also within it, the option to pick and choose! A great move this to get ONLY what you want!

The cloud is here to stay and from the looks of it, going to give industries across the board the best there is in service. Three cheers to sharing!

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