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Public Sector

Around the world, governments and the public sector work to improve quality of life, keep systems and data secure, and comply with regulations. We at the DataTech Labs Inc support your efforts with a range of technologies designed for critical missions, everyday operations, and reliable performance no matter what the task.

Whether for the data center, network, or edge, our technology solutions make data more accessible—and decisions more intelligent—while helping reduce costs. We work with governments to bring artificial intelligence to more places, maximize the value of cloud and edge computing, and help to enhance cybersecurity at every point. We have been drawn on decades of experience helping the public sector worldwide select and deploy technologies. We can help you turn reams of data into better services, fast decisions, and a mission that’s been accomplished.

Our Technology Offerings

Consider Customized ERP Solutions

Properly chosen ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software can help you to organize, automate and improve your business. Custom ERP software can increase efficiency and maintain continuous growth. Unfortunately, choosing such kind of software randomly, you risk wasting money without boosting your business. We help government organizations build customized ERP implementation platforms to extract, automate and organize data required for smart business moves.

Government Cloud Computing Solutions

To deliver public service for the future, leaders in the government sector must move from legacy practices and embrace transformation that leads them towards insight-led operations, public mindset and mission-driven outcomes. These transformations can empower leaders to support safe, secure and flourishing societies, cities and nations. We offer multi hybrid cloud architectures to the public sector to improve services and manage their infrastructure investments.

AI for Government & Public Sector

Governments and large NGOs have transformed themselves to invest in AI, spending budget and time on pilot programs for various AI applications and discussions with people in the field on the future implications of the technology. AI can benefit government organizations in myriad ways, from automating everyday operations to accelerating scientific research, your organization can achieve new capabilities in cybersecurity, medical diagnostics, disaster planning and response.

Edge Computing & IOT

It isn’t a surprise that the public sector is rapidly embracing IoT technologies. By some estimates, public sector IoT initiatives are worth more than $30 billion and will see a CAGR of 20% in the near future. However, government firms need a robust network infrastructure that can scale to support growing numbers of devices. The DataTech Labs Inc IoT solutions support state as well as local governments to improve the safety of its citizens, build smart cities, maintain infrastructure, and respond quickly to emergencies or disasters.

Digital Government Solutions

As government agencies look for ways to serve and engage citizens better, they are increasingly seeking opportunities for more meaningful engagement leveraging multiple digital channels. Expanding communication between governments and their constituents, many of whom use digital apps for almost everything they do, is a core tenet of a Smart Nation strategy. We help today’s government transition and transform their underlying processes, capabilities, and technologies to accelerate innovation. We enable transition to digital government supported by technologies and solutions built upon a strong foundation of IT governance.

Accomplish the Smart Cities Mission

Smart cities are often classified as urban spaces equipped with high-tech sensors to monitor and manage energy and resource usage in an efficient manner. When we consider the role of governments in innovation and smart city planning, there are many factors, but the most important one is technology. How can the public sector make use of technology to drive economic growth and improve the quality of life of its citizens. We at the DataTech Labs Inc help you achieve this by enabling local development and harnessing technology as a means to create smarter cities.

Big Data & Predictive Analytics

Data and analytics is the combination of two powerful computing trends in government. States and localities are beginning to amass huge amounts of structured and unstructured data, and are using the algorithms in analytics software programs to make more informed decisions. This is resulting in saved time and resources for agencies and citizens alike. Take a look at how we help the public sector companies leverage advanced technologies to gain insights and make sound judgements based on analytics.
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