Our NFV solutions give you a strong, stable and interoperable foundation to build on!

Network Function Virtualization

The telecom industry is evolving at a rate where even the smartest of the technologies would once become obsolete. Just when you’ve figured out the latest buzzwords in the industry like cloud computing, OpenFlow and software defined networking (SDN), here comes another new concept to get your hands on. Network Function Virtualization, or NFV, and it has rightfully taken its place in the industry conversation as another step towards creating more agile, lower cost network infrastructure. 

Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) allows network operators to reduce their dependence on single-purpose appliances by taking functions that were previously built into hardware and implementing them in software that runs on industry-standard servers, network, and storage platforms. Beyond reducing network operators’ dependency on dedicated hardware, leveraging NFV enables more programmability in the network and greatly reduces the complexity and time-to-market associated with introducing new services.

The DataTech Labs Inc provides intelligent and automated NFV capabilities for instantiating, managing, and chaining Virtual Network Functions (VNFs). Our team leverages intent-based and model-driven service templates to simplify integration with different OSS, SDN, and Virtual Infrastructure Manager (VIM) platforms. With The DataTech Labs Inc Network Function Virtualization service you can reduce cost and accelerate service deployment for network operators by moving them to virtual servers.



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