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Learning In AI-Based Learning Engagement

The backbone of any successful organization is its workforce. Lack of constantly evolving industry-relevant skillsets among employees is likely to adversely impact an organization’s growth and sustenance in the long-run.

Thus, changing technologies and industry demands have prompted organizations to constantly upskill and reskill their workforce. Multi-skilling is equally important to prevent production bottlenecks through timely work scheduling and job rotation.

However, identifying and developing consistent employee training modules is a Herculean task. The prime challenge faced by organizations is the varying learning graphs of employees. Some learn fast while some learn slowly. Some are blessed with superior comprehension skills while some are not. Thus, in virtual or live courses, quick learners have to wait for the slow learners to catch up and the latter struggle to keep pace with the former.

These differences in individual learning curves are further widened by cultural, regional, geographical, and language barriers. To add to the complexity is the generation gap among employees. For example, millennials are more tech-savvy than their older counterparts. Thus, they fit in easily to the online learning format as opposed to previous generations who still prefer the book or paper-based learning format.

Moreover, not all employees will have the same level of skillsets. Different employees are good at different skills. The skill gaps vary widely too. Thus, standardized learning programs will not work in the long-run.

AI and customized learning

The key to addressing different learning styles is customization. The advent of AI-based technologies and cloud computing has made the deployment of personalized learning modules easier.

Firstly, AI helps in assessing the existing skillsets of each employee and identify the skill gaps. Accordingly, AI can suggest relevant courses for individuals to close the skill gaps and help them come at par with the industry standards. In the long-run, AI helps in bridging the skill gaps among the entire workforce.

Secondly, AI makes it easier to deploy open courseware on cloud platforms. Besides, many paid courses on AI-based cloud platforms can be accessed for a life-time. Moreover, employees can easily participate in virtual classrooms, attend live sessions, and get hands-on training from the comfort of their homes.


AI based learning -TDTL


The Bottom Line

TDTL has a plethora of tailor-made courses in LINUX, cloud computing, app development, machine learning, data analytics, and agile technologies for students, experienced professionals, and corporates. We prepare you for Microsoft, CompTIA, Redhat, and Salesforce certifications. We have a robust cloud infrastructure to develop and manage our courses.

We follow an application-oriented blended learning approach with e-learning materials, live classes, real-time case studies, self-paced courses, comprehensive question banks, and a large number of quizzes for self-assessment. Our courses are globally accredited. We have learners from all over the world and have successfully served 2300+ corporates so far. Our training materials are carefully designed as per unique learner requirements by subject matter experts.

We also work with in-house training teams of corporates and provide consulting services pertaining to workforce skill upgradation. Lastly, our client support teams are available 24 X 7 to answer learner queries.

We’re ready to lead you into the future of digital possibilities!

We can become your expert technology and training consultant to help you implement solutions derived from accurate data. Our broad range of technical expertise and vendor partnerships, also allow us to deliver technology solutions that support a digital business transformation framework.

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