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Latest Trends in Digital Marketing

The prime focus of any business is to acquire customers and clients in through the door. Marketing is key to attract them and generate leads. As businesses bounce back to normal, commercial enterprises will choose for conventional means of advertising for instance advertisements on billboards or television or YouTube. But majority of tech savvy businesses will get the ball rolling relying entirely on digital marketing in 2021.  

The rational is simple. The COVID-19 pandemic. drastically changed how we do business and digitalization in every form has become the way forward.  

Going digital is productive and cost efficient. The value of digital marketing can be seen as it caters to multiple innovative solutions. And, businesses will carry on to capitalize on this trend the coming year.  

The pandemic made business owners small and big thing innovative and out of the box. The retail standpoint has considerably changed, with customers forming new shopping habits and upping their expectations for brands.  

Digital marketing has developed just as much, with the evolution of virtual platforms to replace in-person experiences and campaign redesigns to admit the new reality. Still, taken the speedy onset of new technologies, behaviors, and trends, proficient marketers must look even further into the future.   

Content continues to be the king it is a given. More and more people are getting aware of the merits of a conceptually strong content.  

Which platforms should brands invest in? How can marketers’ interest and hold customers? It’s never too early to begin researching, strategizing, and streamlining thought process — here are our top 31 Digital Marketing Trends that all savvy marketers should keep an eye for.   

Latest Trends You Must Know  

1.AI in Marketing  

2.YouTube Shorts   

3.Augmented Reality  

4.Voice Search Optimization  

5.Programmatic Advertising 6.International Ads 7.Chatbots 


9.Automated & Personalized Email Marketing  

10.Video Marketing  

Latest Trends in Digital Marketing

11.Shopable Content  

12.User-Generated Content  

13.Influencer Marketing  

14.WhatsApp Marketing  

15.Geofencing (Location Based Marketing)  

16.Hyper-local SEO  

17.Quora Marketing  

18.Content Marketing and BERT update  

19.Personalised Remarketing  

20.Social Media Stories  

21.People Also Ask  

22.Omnichannel Marketing

23.Personalized Pop-Ups  

24.Interactive Content   

25.Browser Push Notifications  

26.Personalised SMS Marketing  

27.Google Ads Smart Bidding  

28.Vernacular SEO  

29.B2B Digital Marketing Trends  

Digital marketing trends have to be very dynamicnew trends bring in their flavor and pluses to ensure that marketing strategy gets an extra push. Technology plays a key role and we will see newer and more thrilling trends changing how we as digital marketers present our product.   

Staying abreast with these trends helps digital marketers remain relevant in the market and deliver the best value to their clients.

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