Knowledge as a Service

Knowledge as a Service

Today’s learning landscape demands employees and leaders adapt to constant change. In order for organizations to take on the pressing need of reskilling and upskilling, it’s critical they’re immersed in a culture of learning. However, the way we learn is changing: employees want control of their own learning, yet they also want guidance and support from managers and L&D teams.

With The DataTech Labs Inc Cloud based learning platform we help you cultivate a culture of personalized, learner-driven, and social learning to ensure your organization is prepared for the future.


Are you looking for an Enterprise Learning Platform that adapts to each individual in an organization?

That’s where the DataTech Labs Inc Knowledge as a Service platform comes into the realm. It’s a digital learning experience with thousands of short-burst learning resources that are personalized to each individual’s goals and schedule. So, learners can develop critical business and leadership skills at their own pace.

For Enterprise Platform Users

With the above listed features and functionalities, enterprise users get additional features as given below:

Content library management with unlimited access

Course management & Assignment system

Certification management, particularly for highly regulated industries

Video learning capabilities with advanced quizzing options

Integration of various forms like Gravity, Ninja, Formidable, WPforms etc.

Mobile accessibility on all operating systems

Employee feedback tools & employee performance timelines

Automation capabilities

Blended learning support with private coaching systems

Social learning system & gamification tools

Text messaging capabilities with private as well as group messaging functionality

Widget integration like e-commerce & automated payment gateways

Key Advantages

Designed by experts in learning design and content curation, the DataTech Labs Inc digital learning platform enables leThat’s where the DataTech Labs Inc Knowledge as a Service platform comes into the realm. It’s a digital learning experience with thousands of short-burst learning resources that are personalized to each individual’s goals and schedule. So, learners can develop critical business and leadership skills at their own pace.arners to advance their personal development – when and how it works best for them.

Personalized learning to the employee

Develops talent with relevant, recommended learning resources

Access to course on all the devices anytime & anywhere

Engages learners with curated, updated content on a wide range of topics

Leverages proven approaches to leadership development

Integrates learning into busy work schedules

Creates a community of social learning

Targets common, challenging skills with Skill Builders and pathways

Keeps career development top of mind with goals and reminders

For Individual Users

Unlimited Access to Content

Anytime anywhere access to courses, lessons, instructors and more

Individual Student Dashboard

Each & every student to get an individual dashboard and user account

Bundled Courses

Courses available with bundles with tracking capabilities as well as degree courses

Basic and Advances Quizzes

Individuals can take up basic and advanced quizzes to gauge their level of expertise

Performance Reporting

Reporting Capabilities with student data exports and bulk enrolment.

Certification Management

Availability of certificates and achievement badges

Flexibility with Pricing

Manual payment option as well as one-time recurring pricing model and coupons available

Other Features

Discussion Areas, Scheduled Course, Reviews, Custom Domain and Personalised Email notifications, Video learning, Mobile compatible content etc.

Key Features

Mobile Learning Platform

We have created flexibility by eliminating the need for learning to happen at a set time and a set place. Now mobile takes learning flexibility even further by making instructional content such as videos, podcasts, and other multimedia formats available on smartphones and tablets. What’s more, learners have the added flexibility of being able to access this content on their mobile devices whenever and wherever they want. Our courses are fully compatible with mobile devices and are functional on all the operating systems.

Social Learning Platform

Learning with peers in a work environment can be a fundamental part of the learning process. But getting people to actually participate, especially in an online environment, has often proved to be a barrier. Our Knowledge as a Service platform can be termed as a Social Learning Platform as it allows learners to create discussion by gamifying the social process to encourage quality contributions. Having made a connection with a theory, idea or activity, learners are then motivated to create a commentary on their thought processes.

Offline Learning on Platform

An Offline Learning Platform fulfills the objectives of availability, facility, and flexibility, making the learning platform a great tool for corporations and institutions to reduce most of the costs of traditional education. With the offline learning option, you can have your content, features, activities and general functions of the eLearning platform available, without having to be connected to the internet.

AI based assessment engine

The DataTech Labs Knowledge as a Service platform provides a student-centered AI powered intelligent and personalized education model. It involves an artificial intelligence based assessment engine for the educational process of teaching, learning, evaluation, testing and training. The AI based assessment engine is one of the most important features in the system to utilize the adaptive engine. Within a few questions, the system is able to know learners' mastery level for the courses. Based on learners' persona, the assessment engine adjusts learners' starting point on a knowledge graph, and identifies what they have mastered and what students need to learn so they won’t waste their precious time on practicing what they mastered.

AI based learning engagement platform

The demand for personalized learning is stronger than ever. Individuals want to learn on their own terms and have great expectations for flexibility – they want to learn anytime, anywhere. Our AI based learning platform ensures personalized experiences for each one of you by analyzing your behavior, what courses you’ve interacted with most, and their preferred format for learning.

AI empowered Learning Measurement Scale

Our AI empowered learning measurement scale helps online tutors right from the administrative tasks like taking attendance and grading assignments to giving feedback by analyzing the performance of students in tests. Our platform also transforms the way we conduct online exams making them more secure and easier to organize.
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