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The overall health care industry has undergone fundamental change over the last decade. Most of it occurred within the underlying business operation of healthcare. Industry professionals in the healthcare world, have already been introduced to new technologies like reporting software, data warehouses and advanced analytics. At the same time, due to COVID19, regulatory changes and shifting social movements are influencing doctors to change the way of medicine practices.

Today’s healthcare economy steers at around $3.6-trillion, to drive the bold direction to rethink business models and build new systems of engagement. We at The DataTech Labs Inc, collaborate with healthcare leaders to enable a new era of health and wellness and improve people’s lives.

The DataTech Labs Inc holds a strong level of experience and expertise. We help you convert data into actionable insights, achieve higher levels of automation and efficiency, innovate new products and services, modernize infrastructure and deliver better outcomes at sustainable cost.

Our Technology Offerings

Accelerate with Artificial Intelligence

One of AI's biggest potential benefits is to help people stay healthy so they don't need a doctor, or at least not as often. The use of AI and the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) in consumer health applications is already helping people. The DataTech Labs Inc AI enabled solutions helps healthcare organizations apply cognitive technology to unlock vast amounts of health data and power diagnosis. We work in partnership with clinicians, researchers and patients to solve real-world healthcare problems.

Extending with Telemedicine

Telemedicine is rapidly redefining healthcare. By helping people talk to doctors anytime, from anywhere, telemedicine improves access to care for people located remotely. In today’s time and age when the healthcare system is of significant importance, this innovation proves to be vital. If you are looking to implement telemedicine/teleconsultation for your patients to consult by use of mobile apps, video conferencing, and emails for treatment? Take a look at how the DataTech Labs Inc Telemedicine solutions can benefit.

3D Bioprinting in Healthcare

3D Bioprinting is creating an enormous opportunity for the medical industry. Multiple sectors within the medical industry are benefiting from 3D printing, including orthopaedics and dental. The technology is offering exciting new ways to provide personalised care and create better-performing medical devices. With the DataTech Labs Inc 3D Bioprinting solutions for the healthcare firms enable medical professionals to create better-fitting, long-lasting and high-performing implants and medical surgeries.

Revolutionize with Internet of Medical Things

Internet of Medical Things (IoTM) offers some truly exciting benefits to doctors and, more importantly to patients. Faster and more-accurate diagnoses, more-efficient delivery of healthcare services, and reduced costs are only a few of the ways medical IoT technology will benefit the sector. The DataTech Labs Inc has been instrumental in helping health care organisations with needed IoTM support to achieve better patient outcomes, lower costs, improve efficiency and activate ways to empower patients.

AR/VR/MR in Healthcare

Healthcare industry evolves rapidly. Now, with Virtual reality/Augmented Reality/MixedReality it has become more effective and personalized. Some of the areas where AR/VR/MR is implemented largely are virtual reality surgeries, virtual reality training for medical students, treatment of PTSD with the help of VR glasses. All these trends are already being implemented in medicine. The DataTech Labs Inc AR/VR/MR solutions improve patient experience, deliver advanced diagnosis, run-through VR surgeries and much more through Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality.

Implement Robotic Process Automation

There are a number of possibilities for automation in the healthcare industry. Robotic process automation (RPA) technology can serve healthcare companies with various use cases involving data transfer and clinical documentation. If you are looking to automate repetitive and routine tasks at a quicker pace to save more time and money. The DataTech Labs Inc help you get the best of both worlds by automating and enhancing patient experience and increasing compliance.

Cloud Based Healthcare Portals

All healthcare organizations are committed to a shared mission – delivering high-quality personalized care to patients while maintaining efficiency and profitability. One way to achieve this is the adoption of cloud computing for the generation, consumption, storage, and sharing of healthcare data. The DataTech Labs Inc help companies to move critical healthcare data or infrastructure on the cloud to optimize data management and process workflows, promote interoperability, and reduce operating costs, this also results in better patient care experiences.

Conversational UI in Healthcare

AI-powered healthcare chatbot solutions are helping bridge the gap between patients, healthcare providers and insurance companies. In addition to enhancing patient experience, it has the potential to transform clinical care. The DataTech Labs Inc conversation assistants help you better organize patient pathways, manage medication, tackle emergency situations and provide real-time answers for simpler medical issues with a virtual assistant. We redefine your patient experience across all the touchpoints.

Big data in Healthcare Made Simple

Big data has become more influential in healthcare due to three major shifts in the healthcare industry: the vast amount of data available, growing healthcare costs, and a focus on consumerism. Big data enables health systems to turn these challenges into opportunities to provide personalized patient journeys and quality care. When it comes to big data analytics, DataTech Labs Inc are the specialists. We help you carry out big data analysis for personalized treatments, make clinical decisions with great accuracy, resulting in lower costs and enhanced patient care.
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