Energy & Commodities

De-risking Digital Transformation Journey

Energy & Commodities

In recent years, the energy and commodities sector has entered a new era of sophistication and scale. Changing global economic conditions give rise to exciting new opportunities in this segment. International trading houses whether in oil, metal or soft commodities extend their reach and scope to embrace new technologies. 

With ever-changing market requirements, professional management of energy & commodities has never been more important. We at The DataTech Labs Inc are committed to offer the new-age technology solutions for the energy and commodities industry. Whether you are searching for data analytics, digital oil fields, digital twins, artificial intelligence/ machine learning, cloud computing, or might want to get a leap into blockchain. We have the expertise, products, and capabilities to assist your business in reaching new highs.

The DataTech Labs Inc pool of talent and technology combination takes operational excellence to the next level. We help you de-risk your digital transformation journey and continuously improve profits while sustaining the competitive advantage.

Our Technology Offerings

Power up with Big Data

In an energy and utility sector, there are various sources of Big Data, including grid equipment, smart meters, weather data, measurements from power systems, GIS data, storm data, and data related to asset management. The DataTech Labs Inc help companies falling into the energy sector use this data to bring in operational efficiencies, reduce costs, lower carbon emissions, and manage energy demand for end consumers. We also help in big data analytics to forecast the power generation, especially for renewable energy sources which include solar as well as wind.

Leverage Cloud Computing Platforms

Energy companies looking to implement cloud platforms are concerned about finding cost-effective solutions to improve their business, quality of service and customer experience. They also desire to reduce physical infrastructure and consolidate platforms through cloud based solutions. The DataTech Labs Inc provides flexibility and scalability in our cloud computing platforms to give companies a more effective way to deal with seasonal spikes in demand, or the additional capacity to deal with application and database issues.

Digital Oil Fields of the Future

While the high cost of energy has enabled the commercial exploitation of shale gas, traditional oil and gas companies need to go farther and deeper to locate new fields. The answer is the digital oil field. The DataTech Labs Inc supports you with digital oil fields to maximize oilfield recovery, eliminate nonproductive time and increase profitability through the design and deployment of integrated workflows.

Create Value with Digital Twins

Digital Twin concept is the next big thing in most of the business sectors, which helps in accurately predicting the current state and future of physical assets by analyzing their digital counterparts. The DataTech Labs Inc helps you implement digital twins to organizations for better insights on product performance, improve customer service and make better operational and strategic decisions based on these insights.

Embrace Robotic Process Automation

Energy and utilities is a customer-centric industry, as every individual is dependent on these services for their daily needs. Considering the high number of transactions that take place every day, the probability of human error also increases, which is why Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is needed. The DataTech Labs Inc offers RPA solutions that help in automating processes requiring less turnaround time (TAT), have high-volume transactions, or have a repeatable process that is workflow dependent. Some of these processes include payroll, human resource, and IT backup operations.

Make Data the New-Oil with Predictive Maintenance

Predictive maintenance solutions are gaining even more traction as industrial energy customers become increasingly aware of the growing maintenance costs and downtime caused by the unexpected machinery failures. The DataTech Labs Inc serves as a key predictive maintenance player. Through our Predictive Maintenance and Service solution, we offer a deep understanding of asset history and trends, hence enabling predictive maintenance and service requirements.

Transform with Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence is on everyone's mind right now. It is the fastest growing branch of the high-tech industry. AI becomes more important in the energy industry and has great potential for the future design of the energy system. Typical areas of application are electricity trading, smart grids, or the sector coupling of electricity, heat and transport. The DataTech Labs Inc AI solutions helps companies under the energy industry to become more efficient and secure by analyzing the data volumes to draw future conclusions.

Breakthrough with Blockchain Technology

The application of blockchain in peer-to-peer energy trading is perhaps one of the most disruptive and exciting use cases around blockchain energy. It brings together a number of facets such as finance, community resilience building, and renewable energy expansion. We at DataTechLabs Inc provide the potential synergies between blockchain and the energy system, and have successfully implemented multiple such projects in this intersection.

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