Digital Twins

Digital Twins provide a powerful way to monitor and control your business assets and processes!

Digital Twin Technology is among the top 10 strategic technology trends named by Gartner 2017. Digital Twin concept represents the convergence of the physical and the virtual world where every industrial product will get a dynamic digital representation. Throughout the product development life cycle, right from the design phase to the deployment phase, organizations can have a complete digital footprint of their products.

Such ‘connected digital things’ generate data in real time, and help businesses to better analyze and predict the problems in advance or give early warnings, prevent downtime, develop new opportunities and even plan better products for the future at lower costs by using simulations.The DataTech Labs solutions offer Digital Twins solutions by incorporating Big Data, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and Internet of Things to have a greater impact on delivering a better customer experience. We also consider enabling the Internet of Things to make Digital Twins solutions more cost-effective and accessible for your business.