55142-A: Microsoft Excel 2013 PowerPivot

Course Modality

Instructor-led (classroom)

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Course Time

1 day

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Course Overview

PowerPivot is a powerful data exploration tool based on in-memory computing technologies that provides unmatched analytical performance to process billions of rows almost instantaneously. In this Microsoft Excel 2013 PowerPivot Training course, students will learn how to use PowerPivot to import and manipulate data, create PowerPivot reports, use DAX functions, create key performance indicators (KPI) and use slicers and hierarchies to enhance the visualization of data. Exercises accompany each lesson to enhance the learning process. The courseware covers the buttons on the PowerPivot tab and accompanying tabs for creating and editing tables and charts. The power in PowerPivot is the ability to import data from multiple sources. The course provides examples using an Access database, copy and paste, text file and Excel file. In addition, calculated fields and columns are defined and used to enhance your PivotTable.


Before attending this course, students must have:

  • Some experience using Excel, including creating and using formulas and some exposure to PivotTables.

Intended Audience

This course is intended for students with a sound working knowledge of Microsoft Excel 2013 and general computing proficiency, including those who will be using Excel to make business decisions.

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Skill Covered

After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Become familiar with the PowerPivot application.
  • Develop data model while importing data from multiple sources.
  • Manipulate data in a PowerPivot worksheet.
  • Create reports using PowerPivot data.
  • Use DAX functions in PowerPivot.
  • Define KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).
  • Use slicers to enhance data visualization.

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Course Curriculum

Introduction to PowerPivot 2013

This module explains how to enable PowerPivot in Excel 2013.  It also reviews the PowerPivot workspace and gives a brief explanation of the various actions available in the workspace.


  • Review PowerPivot 2013
  • Explore the PowerPivot workspace
  • Compare Excel and PowerPivot

Lab : Enable PowerPivot

After completing this module, students will be able to:

Enable PowerPivot 

Building Data Models

This module begins with defining a data model and how it is used to create PivotTables and PivotCharts.  The Manage Data Model window is discussed in detail in this module.  In addition, the various methods for adding data to the model are covered.


  • Review Data Models
  • Create Data Models

Lab : Create a data model

After completing this module, students will be able to:


  • Import data from multiple data sources.
  • Use the manage data model tab to maintain the data model.
  • Refresh data used in PivotTables and PivotCharts


Create a PivotTable and PivotChart

This module covers the difference between tables and charts and the various options that are available.  In addition, this module will walk the user through creating a basic PivotTable and PivotChart.  PivotTable Tools and PivotChart Tools contextual tabs are covered in this module.  These tabs allow further customization to the basic PivotChart and PivotTable.


  • Determine chart or table
  • Create a PivotTable
  • Create a PivotChart

Lab : Create a basic PivotTable

Lab : Use the analyze tab to change your PivotTable

Lab : Use the analyze tab to change your PivotTable

Lab : Create a basic PivotChart

Lab : Use the analyze tab to change your PivotChart

Lab : Use the design tab to change your PivotChart

Lab : Use the format tab to change your PivotChart

After completing this module, students will be able to:


  • Create and update a PivotTable.
  • Create and update a PivotChart.
  • Use the contextual tabs to customize PivotTables and PivotCharts.

Use DAX in PowerPivot

This module introduces DAX – Data Analysis eXpressions language and its use in creating complex calculations to be used in PivotTables or PivotCharts.  DAX operators and formulas are discussed.  Calculated columns and calculated fields are defined and used in this module.


  • Review and define DAX
  • Discuss context used in DAX
  • Define calculated columns
  • Define calculated fields

Lab : Create a calculated column with data from the same table

Lab : Create a calculated column with data from a different table

Lab : Create a calculated field

After completing this module, students will be able to:


  • Use DAX to create complex calculations.
  • Create and use a calculated column in a PivotTable/PivotChart.
  • Create and use a calculated field in a PivotTable/PivotChart.
  • Understand the various functions that DAX provides.

Enhance PivotTables and PivotCharts

This module covers using KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), slicers and hierarchies to further enhance your PivotCharts and PivotTables.  In addition the slicer tools options contextual tab is covered.  This tab allows customization to the display of the slicers.


  • Define key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Define slicers
  • Define hierarchies

Lab : Create a KPI

Lab : Create slicers

Lab : Create hierarchies

After completing this module, students will be able to:


  • Create and use KPIs in a PivotTable/PivotChart.
  • Create and use slicers in a PivotTable/PivotChart.

Create and use hierarchies in a PivotTable/PivotChart.


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