Course 20537-B: Configuring and Operating a Hybrid Cloud with Microsoft Azure Stack

Course Modality

Instructor-led (classroom)

Course Level


Course Time

5 days

Course Language


Course Overview

This five-day course will provide students with the key knowledge required to deploy and configure Microsoft Azure Stack. Using hands-on labs, students will learn the following:

  • The key features and functionality of Microsoft Azure Stack.
  • The differences between Microsoft Azure Stack, Microsoft Azure and Windows Azure Pack.
  • The architecture and components of Microsoft Azure Stack.
  • How to deploying Microsoft Azure Stack.
  • Windows Server Roles and Features used in Microsoft Azure Stack.
  • How identity and authentication works in Microsoft Azure Stack.
  • How Microsoft Azure Stack enables DevOps.
  • How to create and manage Azure Resource Manager templates.
  • How to create and manage Plans.
  • How to create and manage Offers and Delegation.
  • Manage the Marketplace in Microsoft Azure Stack.
  • Software Defined Networking in Microsoft Azure Stack.
  • Understand how storage is provisioned and managed in Microsoft Azure Stack.
  • How to provision Virtual Machines in Microsoft Azure Stack.
  • Configuring Resource Providers in Microsoft Azure Stack.
  • How to monitor and troubleshoot Microsoft Azure Stack.
  • Understand how licensing and billing works in Microsoft Azure Stack.


Before attending this course, students must have:

  • Working knowledge of Windows Server 2016.
  • Working knowledge of SQL Server 2014.
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Azure.

Intended Audience

This course is intended for service administrators, devops and cloud architects who are interested in using Microsoft Azure Stack to provide cloud services to their end-users or customers from within their own datacenter.

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Skill Covered

After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Describe the components and architecture of Microsoft Azure Stack.
  • Deploy Microsoft Azure Stack.
  • Understand the Windows Server 2016 features used in Microsoft Azure Stack.
  •  Understand how DevOps use Microsoft Azure Stack.
  • Offer resources in Microsoft Azure Stack.
  • Manage IaaS in Microsoft Azure Stack.
  • Manage PaaS in Microsoft Azure Stack.
  •  Manage updates in Microsoft Azure Stack.
  •  Perform monitoring and troubleshooting in Microsoft Azure Stack.
  •  Understand how licensing and billing works in Microsoft Azure Stack.

Get In Touch

Course Curriculum

Overview of Azure Stack 
In this first module, the key concepts associated with Azure Stack are 
described that will help you understand what Azure Stack is and the
 functionality it provides. You will also learn about the differentiators
 between Azure Stack, Microsoft Azure and Windows Azure Pack. 
  • What is Azure Stack? 
  • Comparing Azure Stack with Microsoft Azure. 
  • Comparing Azure Stack to Windows Azure Pack. 
After completing this module, students will be able to:
  • Describe the key features and functionality of Azure Stack. 
  • Understand the differences between Azure Stack and Microsoft 


  •  Understand the differences between Azure Stack and Windows Azure Pack. 
Foundational Components of Microsoft Azure Stack 
In this module, you will learn about the Windows Server 2016 features
 that Azure Stack uses and optional System Center 2016 component that can be added to further manage and maintain an Azure Stack
 environment. You will also learn how Azure Stack manages 
authentication and the various authentication providers that are available. 
  • Windows Server 2016 and System Center 2016. 
  • Identity and Authentication.
Lab : Reviewing the Azure Stack Infrastructure 
  • Reviewing the Azure Stack Infrastructure Components. 
After completing this module, students will be able to: 
  • Understand how Windows Server 2016 and the optional System 

          Center 2016 features are used in Microsoft Azure Stack. 

  • Understand how identity and authentication works in Microsoft Azure


Deploying Microsoft Azure Stack 
This module introduces some of the internal architecture of Azure Stack and how it forms the 
basis of the system. It will discuss various Azure Stack concepts such as: 
  •  Software Defined Datacenter 
  •  Internal Architecture of Azure Stack
  •  Azure Stack Infrastructure 
  •  Azure Stack Prerequisites 
  •  Planning and Installation of Azure Stack 
  • Microsoft Azure Stack Architecture 

Recommended Exams

Exam 70-537

Configuring and Operating a Hybrid Cloud with Microsoft Azure Stack Hub


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