Latest Trends in Artificial Intelligence

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Latest Trends in Artificial Intelligence

For those feeling jittery with the uptick of AI, there’s a simple explanation that might bring them some solace. That AI, Robots and Data-driven systems are nothing better than slaves of yore that besides doing their work silently, also promise to do the same effectively and efficiently at costs much lower than what humans could ever achieve.

As a race, humans number 7.9 billion at the moment whose numbers are continually on the increasing. Those being the numbers, won’t AI & Robotics take away jobs from humans? Won’t we be worse off with them? What if they overwhelm humans like they show in movies and take over the earth?

Latest Trends in Artificial Intelligence

For all these arguments and more, the answers aren’t all that alarming. In fact, some are downright practical and inevitable. For one, with such a huge population, will the traditional system of production provide for everyone when seen from the view-point of enterprise? They could, but at what cost? Imagine the world’s transportation system doing away with computers in order to facilitate humans! What could be the outcome? In one word, chaotic and supremely inefficient. Take that a step ahead with self-driven cars. It would certainly reduce accidents, cause much less harm to the environment than today, and help make the whole issue of transport that much stress-free. As for the fear of a Terminator-2 kind of scenario, well it just doesn’t happen. Why? Because central to that is the issue of survival, something that just doesn’t affect machines which start and stop at the will of humans!

So? Stop worrying and start enjoying what science has done for humanity! With AI, you get speed, efficiency and economy. And best of all, machines don’t complain, argue or threaten!

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