5 Tips on how to Produce Interactive Content!

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5 Tips on how to Produce Interactive Content!

To generate relevant content, you are required to think primarily about the buyer persona. You must know who is your audience? In what manner they behave? What are their requirements? From then on, you have the audience in mind to create your content.

Once you are aware that you need to create a persona, comprehend your audience’s pains, and benchmark goals before anything else, these steps are applicable to any kind of content that you wish to make interactive. Here, we’ve chosen a few tips that are valid for your entire Content Marketing strategy, but that can really help with interactive content.

1. Make Use of content you already have – At the starting of an interactive content strategy, you can make use of materials that you already have and that have the capability for interactivity. Therefore, you provide them a new format and a new purpose. Choose, for instance, an ebook that has produced noteworthy engagement to convert it into an interactive page. At the end, you can add a quiz to test the visitor’s knowledge.

2. Generate interactive content for the funnel steps- With the buyer persona’s pains and marketing goals in mind, state what content you will generate thinking about the stages in pipeline. This is important if your interactive content is to meet its function in the sales cycle — making the lead go ahead in the funnel sooner — instead of wasting efforts on pointless publications.

5 Tips on how to Produce Interactive Content!

A graphical and appealing lookbook, for instance, can be used at the top of the funnel to draw the lead’s attention. A calculator is perfect for the base of the funnel, when the lead is already at the concluding moment of the buying journey and needs to understand the monetary benefits of acquiring your solution.

3. Create interactive content with responsive layout – You know in advance how vital it is to adopt responsive web layouts, in a context where the customer uses their mobile phone for almost everything, at each and every stage of the buying journey. That’s the reason why responsiveness also applies to interactive content. As this type of content contains many buttons, animations, and user interactions, you must ensure that all elements work well on any screen size.

4. Optimize strategies with gathered data – The interactive materials permit one to gather a huge amount of data about the consumer.

As mentioned, you realize whether the user has downloaded content and whether they have read the entire content and absorbed it. But this data is only of importance to your company if it’s used to produce insights and optimize marketing strategies. They can facilitate you to:

• Get to know the consumer better;

• Build the brand persona;

• Optimize the segmentation of marketing campaigns;

• Customize marketing approaches;

• Improve sales approaches.

5. Capture visitor contact data – Grab the opportunity to gather visitor data to nourish them along the sales funnel. When you provide a quiz or a survey, you can release the answers only after the user has informed their contact details. In a solution finder, you can ask for the visitor’s email address to deliver them personalized directions. It is important to show the benefit you will offer if the user informs their contact details. Anyhow, now you realize the significance of interactive content for your strategies, and you understand what you need to do to start producing this kind of material.

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